Maintenance & Repair
Beri Property Services, Inc. will provide the quality work you need in an efficient, timely manner, including everything from debris removal to lawn maintenance and winterizations. Whether you require interior or exterior construction, remodeling or maintenance services, Beri Property Services, Inc. can handle it all!!.
Debris Removal
If the interior or exterior of your property contains debris that could potentially cause health risks, safety hazards or even a rodent infestation, the team of experienced employees and contractors at Beri Property Services, Inc. can take all of the necessary steps to remove any suspect materials from inside or around your property.
Lawn Maintenance
Lawn maintenance prevents a vacant property from violating codes, which could lead to unnecessary fines or additional inspections. Grass and shrubs are cut in order for them to keep from creating a nuisance to the public, which could lead to complaints from neighbors and more inspections, which ultimately could lead to more fees and fines.
Roof Repair and Replacement
Roof repair and replacement reduces the chance for potential events that could damage the exterior, or worse, the interior, of your property's structure. Keeping a roof well-maintained will prevent snow and rain damage which eliminates the need for costly repairs in the future.
Property owners should be proactive when preparing indoor and outdoor utilities for cold weather. Sinks, toilets, heat systems and outdoor faucets should be properly winterized by professionals to reduce the risk of frozen or broken pipes, or worse, a broken and expensive-to-replace heating or cooling system. In the winter months, regular snow removal is an important part of providing safe access to your property for maintenance crews, emergency vehicles, inspectors, real estate agents and the general public who use your sidewalks.
Pool Services
Does your property have an in-ground or above-ground pool that requires maintenance or repairs? Beri Property Services, Inc. can handle pool draining, securing, boarding or any equipment repairs.