Administrative Support
Beri Property Services, Inc. provides administrative support services so you don't have to worry about all of the organizational and clerical duties involved in property preservation.
The staff at Beri Property Services, Inc. will work with the appropriate legal and law enforcement officials to ensure a safe and efficient eviction process. Our experienced team will make sure that all necessary documentation is recorded, and a full report is provided to the property owner when the eviction is complete.
Property Registration
Beri Property Services, Inc. can handle the preparation and filing of all documentation needed in a foreclosure or other property preservation situation. We can take care of complete property registration for our customers.
Environmental Remediation
All of the work we complete that deals with environmental remediation and bio-hazard removal meets local, state and federal regulations. Our experienced contractors remove these materials from property sites to help maintain a healthy, safe environment.
Utility Services
Beri Property Services, Inc. can handle disconnecting, reconnecting or transferring utilities, or work with you to simply maintain the existing utility services of your property.
Code Violations
Has your local codes department requested that changes be made to your property? Beri will work with your local city or bureau to ensure that your property meets all local codes and regulations.