Beri Property Services, Inc. is a fully insured and fully licensed company that specializes in property preservation, maintenance, repair and home improvement services.

Are you a lender, asset manager, private real estate investor, real estate agent or private home owner in the Mid-Atlantic, including states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland or West Virginia? Our team of qualified professionals takes pride in providing exceptional, timely and dependable services that exceed your expectations on each and every project!

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Beri Property Services, Inc. has been delivering quality property preservation services since 2010. Beri Property Services, Inc. has an in-depth understanding of property preservation services and knows that some customers need to adhere to strict schedule requirements. We have experience with tight deadlines and can accommodate 24-, 48- and 72-hour turnaround times.

Our Mission:

To provide exceptional, multifaceted property preservation, maintenance, repair, and home improvement services that meet and exceed the expectations of our lenders, servicers and asset managers, private real estate investors, real estate agents, and private home owners.